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Tim Fare-Matthews, Partner - First & Ten Productions

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

My name is Tim, I am one of the Partners of First and Ten Productions. We are a content creation company that works with brands to help build their credibility and visibility online.

I hired a few business development managers in the past, although they do add a lot of value in some areas, the ongoing cost of salaries, visas, health insurance and managing that person alone becomes very time intensive and costly.

What attracted me to Brian at Fill My Diary over anything else is the fact that it was more of a reasonable and cost-effective way of doing business development in the region without having to hire someone.

Within the first month of Brian working with us, he was setting up meetings with people that I have been trying to setup meetings with for a while. The fact that Brian and his team do have limited spaces with their service does mean I feel very fortunate I got him when I did.

It’s such a small amount of money for a month that can be returned very easily, so if you have the opportunity to meet with his team, take that while you can.

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