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  • What are the benefits of hiring Fill My Diary to handle my business development?
    There are so many! We GUARANTEE you a number of meetings per month with DECISION MAKERS in your TARGET MARKET. We COST considerably LESS than it would cost to hire an employee on a full-time basis to do this. We do not require visas, health insurance, salaries, bonuses etc. Fill My Diary are professional, we are trained in this and we have been doing it for years. So, when you hire us, we are dedicated to you as our customer. We only want results for you as that means we are doing what makes us proud. If your sales team aren’t able to get in touch with certain decision makers, we will! We also ONLY book you meetings with QUALIFIED PROSPECTS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE.
  • How does it work?
    There is a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work and dedication that you, as the customer, do not see. You don’t need to see it. You are paying us to do the hard work for you. But in a nutshell, our process is a little bit like this: Once the Customer has decided to work with Fill My Diary we go through an On-Boarding Form. This form tells us about the Customer’s business and enables us to understand it better and to create the perfect Prospect Approach. We study the Target Market the Customer wishes us to approach and we do the research. Once the research is done, we start making the calls and booking the meetings. Each meeting is qualified to the maximum leaving no room for misunderstandings. The Customer is told about the call notes in details and is prepped for the meeting. The Customer then has all the information needed to walk into that meeting to close the deal.
  • Do you only cover the UAE?
    No. We cover the whole world.
  • How long before I get my first meeting?
    The first meeting will be booked between week 2 and 3 of each new contract. The first 2 weeks of a new contract are filled with prospecting and follow up calls but by week 2-3 the meetings will start pouring in.
  • Do you also close the meetings for me?
    No. We can advise you on how to close the deal.
  • How much does it cost?
    This is dependent on the number of meetings required each month.
  • How will I know if I’m meeting with the decision maker?
    Our core business has been built by qualifying and by ensuring the person you meet is in the position to either say yes or no to your proposal.
  • How do you contact these decision makers in my target market?
    We don’t do any LinkedIn messages or spam emails. We call them directly on their mobile numbers.
  • How soon will I get my return of investment?
    The majority of our clients see a ROI within the first & second month and depending on your own selling power.
  • Do you attend any meetings with me?
    Yes – we attend the first meeting. This is to ensure that the closing process is being done correctly.
  • Do you accept a commission payment structure?
    No – we charge a flat fee on a monthly basis.
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