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How to be a Successful Closer

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

1. Make sales calls early in the day.

Make calls early in the morning to connect with high-level prospects.

The vast majority of salespeople wait until 10 a.m. to make their first calls of the day—mostly because this is comfortable.

I get it. You like to check your email and drink a few coffees before picking up the phone.

Unfortunately, this is a weak mindset and a bad sales approach, so it’s certainly not one of the daily sales habits of successful salespeople.

For one thing, 10 a.m. is when all your competitors are hopping on the phones, too.

If you’re making calls at the same time as everyone else, you’re just blending in with the crowd.

Plus, high-level prospects are way too busy to talk to you at 10 a.m, so you’re going to get stuck talking to a gatekeeper.

This is why top salespeople make calls when they first get into the office—usually very early in the day.

Not only does it show a strong mental game to get started right away, but your high-level prospects are usually far less busy at 7 a.m. than they are by 10 a.m.

Make sales calls early in the day to practice one of the most important habits of successful salespeople.

2. Get face-to-face to close the sale.

Superstar Closers know how important it is to meet with prospects in-person to close big sales.

Most Closers are trying to do everything by phone or video chat and email.

There’s certainly some merit to getting really good at phone sales, but if you want to close massive sales with big companies, you should be getting face-to-face with prospects. Whether this be face-to-face on a video meeting or even getting on a plane for a well-qualified prospect. It's a great use of time and resources.

After all, if you want a prospect to invest in your offering, you first have to show them that you care about what they care about—what’s going on in their world.

Top Closers know that face-to-face interactions are far more likely to lead to a close, so in-person meetings are one of the most common habits of successful Closers.

If you’re still relying on phone and email to close sales, it’s time to make face-to-face meetings one of your daily sales habits.

3. Leverage introductions after every sale.

Introductions are the best ways to connect with new prospects.

When you have a customer who’s thrilled with the outcome of your work, do you just pat yourself on the back? Or, do you ask for an introduction to other potential customers?

The answer to this question makes all the difference between being a top performer or merely mediocre.

One of the daily habits of successful Closers is to ask for introductions constantly.

In fact, some superstar Closers are even doing it multiple times a day.

An introduction is the best path to new business, so use every sale you make as an opportunity to leverage introductions.

4. Know when to say “no.”

Don’t let distractions keep you from success in sales. People always think that this idea is really mean, but it’s not.

The hordes of mediocre Closers are saying “yes” to everyone and everything. As a result, they’re overwhelmed because they simply have too much on their plate. Then, of course, they don’t have time for real selling activity.

But one of the absolute best Closing habits is to say “no” all the time.

Top-performing Closers are saying “no” to putting out fires. They’re offloading operations to other people, and they’re saying “no” to tire kickers.

The best Closers only do what makes them money, so saying “no” is one of the most important daily sales habits of successful salespeople that they share.

If a task, a favor, or an activity isn’t going to make you money, say “no.”

Only then will you have the time you need to use the best sales strategies and close more sales.

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